About us

You need an experienced and persistent partner to make sure that others respect your rights.  Junker has been engaged in the practice of law for over 30 years. We combine sound and traditional legal advice and representation of interests with a modern service concept, on a daily basis.

This approach has won over our clients and led to the continuous expansion of our office.

Our office’s core competences lie in the fields of company law, real estate and construction law, administrative law and tax law.


Sécurité et Santé en droit de travail luxembourgeois

To the extent possible, we prefer to avoid proceedings that drag out over time by identifying issues early on and finding a solution out of court.

If legal proceedings are inevitable, we represent your interests before all jurisdictions in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

If necessary, we also work with major peer law offices in Germany, Belgium and France.

We provide legal counsel to a large number of PMEs in all sectors of the economy as well as to private individual clients.

We feel that it is important to be close to our clients. It is equally important to clients to know that they have a dedicated contact within our offices.

We regularly participate in conferences and discussion groups in order to share our knowledge and expertise.

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