Our office’s core competences lie in the fields of company law, employment law, real estate and construction law, administrative law and tax law, but the cabinet's expertise extends to all of the following areas:

Company law

We will support you through the entire company set-up process, to include establishment, authorization of establishment, authorization for establishing companies according to class, etc.  as well as providing support for administering companies, to include general meetings, board of director or management board meetings, mergers and splits, etc. We also assist with winding up business activity through liquidations.

Employment law

We have lengthy experience in the area of drafting work contracts, internal regulations, management of social dialogue including health and safety on the job issues. We are also experienced in resolving litigation concerning dismissals, terminating business activity or work contracts, termination by mutual consent, severance schemes, etc., both through private agreements and in court.

Construction law

We assist you in drafting contracts, to include contracts for hire of services, consortium contracts, etc., and in settling litigations through private agreement or in court, such as the ten-year guarantee and others

Administrative law

We deal with all disputes concerning the public service or dealing with public authorities or municipal decisions and we defend our clients’ interests before administrative jurisdictions.  

Tax law

We give counsel with regard to tax issues and we lodge appeals in the event of denial of claims in the relevant jurisdictions for income tax, municipal duties and taxes and VAT.

Criminal business law

Criminal offences concerning corporate affairs including finance, companies, the economy and trade are the most numerous infractions. We intervene at the beginning of the procedure by preparing for hearings, international letters rogatory, complaints, civil party applications and claims for restitution, then we represent you at all criminal proceedings.

Real estate law

We have extensive experience in drafting contracts for residential, commercial or long-term lease, as well as in resolving litigation in this area.

Road traffic law

We will stand beside you in resolving accidents and litigation dealing with road traffic, to include criminal defense and compensation for loss.

Business law

We have a wide range of experience in litigation dealing with unfair competition and distribution or franchise agreements, and we undertake the recovery of your receivables.

Inheritance law

We can advise you in the area of inheritance law and we undertake all litigation dealing with inheritances, wills and bequests.

Tenancy law

We can assist in current issues relating to tenancy, such as general meetings, information meetings, etc., as well as resolving disputes through private agreement or in court.

Contract law

We will assist you in preparing contracts dealing with all subjects and in drafting general terms and conditions of sale and other items.

Transportation law

We deal with all litigation in the field of domestic and international transportation under the CMR agreement and provide criminal defense services in this area, to include adherence to European Directives, etc.

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